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This is cool, but e-ink displays have generally had 3 major differentiators from normal screens:

1. Comfort reading for long periods.

2. Ability to read outside in the sun.

3. Battery duration.

Of those, by far the most important is the first, and this product is specifically targeted away from that. The third isn't a big deal for a stationary item that can be wired or plugged in.

I wish you well, but I don't immediately see the problem it's solving - though there may well be some sort of gap in markets dealing with outdoor products, eg garden centres and the like.

I really like the ambient nature of e-ink displays. I don’t want something emitting light and dragging my attention to it, but I do want to be able to glance at the clock or the bus schedule etc.

This looks like a product well-suited to that sort of use case.

How about energy usage generally?

Reduction seems to be an important trend considering drives to try to reduce green house gas emissions.

4. Aesthetics

Some of us just prefer the look of e-ink displays.

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