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Yes it 3D printed, we wanted to test the prototype. If you have any suggestions do let us know.


You should expect much better results for a 3d print nowdays.

For a prototype which is expected to drive some interest 3d printing is fine, but print at 0.15 layers and do a couple of runs of sanding combined with filler before applying some paint. The case will look just like a regular finished product. I do this for custom projects where I want a perfect finish and/or show-off prototypes.

The layering is really annoying for some people.

For a final product, depending on the sale numbers, injection molding might be the only option. SLS and MJF give a very nice result, but the price range where they're economically viable is very narrow.

I think some combination of paint, sanding, and clearcoat would clean it up to the point of looking like it came out of a mold.

If you search for something along the lines of "paint and sand 3d print" or "finish 3d print" you'll find lots of different articles.

What is the expected retail price? The information is not present on the page but it’s a really important one.

Edit: $59 mentioned lower in the thread.

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