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By looking at that code without knowing much of the context in which it works, I assume self('begin_batch') and the like are "signals" that set some state or are used for logging. That behaviour could be achieved using other mechanisms (perhaps some metaprogramming magic or an observer pattern).

And while I can appreciate it can be quick to see where the signals are sent, the use of ; and having two things in a line still aren't convincing me.

Even more, if I were to run the line_profiler here, I know it'd report weird numbers precisely for having more than one thing per line.

The other thing that I dislike is opening blocks and closing them in the same line. It may be force of habit for me, but that screams unreadability at my face.

Rounding up, all I see is behaviour that can be achieved through other mechanisms, and dev/tools unfriendliness. And notice I'm not sayin anything about PEP-8, because:

a) There are parts of it with which I don't agree either.

b) Many people use PEP-8 as a sort of "silver bullet" and argument-ending-remark. That's not what it should be, it should be a _guide_ to be used when it helps, and ignored sparingly (with reason and consideration of _why_ you decide to ignore it, in the sake of readability).

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