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Nothing is happening to Google Cloud overall. This is just a small org where two teams were doing similar stuff, so they got merged. This made a few roles redundant, so those folks will be looking for new roles within Google (Cloud). How this made for a WSJ headline, IDK. I couldn't read the whole article because paywall, but the first few lines do mention that it's a tiny number of employees affected and they can look for new roles.

Note: I'm not authorized to speak for Google, but hopefully this addresses some of the panic in this comment thread.

It still seems strange they don’t need more of this person’s role and would instead eliminate it: https://twitter.com/whyhiannabelle/status/122810842950535168...

It isn’t a good look.

“This morning I learned that my role at Google has been eliminated. If you've got an opening for someone who's in Kubernetes and containers security, focuses on content, advocacy, and communication, and has an OSS background, holler!”

They cut a marketing/outreach team. Maybe they want to focus more on product development or different marketing and that person wants their same marketing/outreach gig.

why? do you think cloud marketing people are hard to find?

If it's growing like it should be, why would they be cutting her role (e.g. it wasn't performance related, so they aren't going to backfill).

an industry can be growing and still do well with less marketing/advocacy.

I think I figured it out. It was announced in the earnings call. So my guess it was a signal to investors that they are stream-ling Google Cloud for some reason. I am not sure why that is a specific concern except to say they are competitive to investors. My guess is that Azure and AWS loom in investors minds for some reason.

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