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Back in 2013 the MTA said this about simply making G trains as long as the platforms would allow, which is how most other trains in the MTA work:

> "Longer trains are not in the cards however. The report notes: "Given that increasing the length of G trains to 600 feet at current ridership levels would be a misallocation of NYC Transit resources and could lead to reduced service frequency and crowded transfers, other means were examined to address concerns associated with short trains."

And yet, it sounds like they want to spend billions on this streetcar project.

Having said that, the routes aren't excessively overlapping. The proposed BQX hugs the water, whereas the G train goes inland quite a ways north of Prospect Park.

Yeah, it's mostly an attempt to add reliable transit by the astoria waterfront and the brooklyn navy yards, which would be amazing for property values in those areas.

The property markets in those areas are already on fire, it's not as if it needs help

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