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Yeah I agree, it's a vanity project for De Blasio and the real estate developers who have new developments along the proposed route.

I live in Greenpoint and have no need for this, the G and the ferry are good enough to get me to any of the points along the proposed line. If they really want this they could just allocate a dedicated bus lane that could potentially double as a bike lane.

A "great transit equalizer" would be an expansion of the M to LaGuardia and the N/W to the Bronx.

The state of public transit to/from LaGuardia is terrible, but unfortunately it's hard to imagine any notable subway expansion happening any time soon given Byford's recent resignation (in the face of Cuomo's constant meddling) and the constant back and forth bickering between Cuomo and de Blasio.

I agree, I don't think there's a chance of that actually happening.

There were some rumors that Andrew Yang might run for governor in NYC, would actually be interesting to see him run for Cuomo's seat. A competent governor would unify the MTA, NJ Path and LIRR under one system and potentially add a few extra stops in Queens.

The problem for a guy like Yang is that Albany is such a cesspool, it’s hard for an outsider to know what levers to pull to get anything done. But electing insiders just perpetuates the cesspool-ness, and around we go. I’ve been out of the state for 10+ years so maybe things have changed, but I’m not optimistic.

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