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Seeking Co-Founders (tech, growth marketing)
3 points by MrGregZen 10 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | discuss
Greg Zen + Ariel Margolis | Los Angeles/Boston | HAVE_IDEA | UpStar is empowering startup founders with highly actionable step-by-step guidance. | We are seeking a technical co-founder + a growth marketer


Greg Zen: http://www.gregzen.com https://linkedin.com/in/gregzen Ariel Margolis: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ariel-margolis/


Our goal is simple: Reduce the Idea Fatality Rate. As seasoned founders and mentors, we believe that the future of humanity is not just in STEM, but in human ingenuity and creativity, the stuff you can't automate. We hold strongly that entrepreneurship is the tip of the spear moving humanity forward. Our mission is to accelerate human advancement through entrepreneurship by empowering anyone to pursue their ideas with confidence, with the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed

I'm a US Navy vet, ECD w/ tech, design, & biz background, alumnus YC SUS '19, now in SUS '20 mentoring, & further discovery/validation, Ariel is an educator/administrator, & expert in Instructional Design & E-Learning. He is great with sales and presentation, & will be holding down Operations

We have a static site & a Glide app just to test a NoCode PWA. Spent much of the last 10 months talking with other founders, SMB owners, and people who have tried and quit, resulting in very strong signals/data indicating PROCEED so we’re looking for someone technical who can help guide the tech stack, integrations, & some possible dev. We are leaning towards NoCode tools. So while we are looking for someone who has coding chops and is strong with integrations, we’re also very interested in working with someone who is willing to learn NoCode w/ us. Previous startup experience and AI chops are both huge pluses. We are also open to a possible 4th co-founder in growth marketing with SEO expertise.

Equity negotiable. We are remote and plan to stay that way Diversity, Veterans encouraged!

contact gregzen+HN@startupheroics.com

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