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The home/small business version of this is included with every installation of OS X: https://support.apple.com/guide/mac-help/what-is-content-cac...

Popular app and OS updates can be cached on a local Mac, with the recommended machine being on the network using a wired connection and always connected (desktop/Mac mini)

If you're a sysadmin you need to take an old mac mini and put this on your wifi or guest wifi network. It alleviates so many support tickets on iOS update release days.

This! Instead of being a dick and blocking updates just cache 'em!

Do people notice if you block updates on say a work wi-fi?

I'm thinking more generally userbase wise and not quite the tech centric crowd we have here on HN.

I would expect most people wouldn't notice.

I particularly like this blog: https://hashtagwifi.com/blog/apple-content-caching-and-you-s...

It has the same information as Apple's official documentation, but it highlights the advanced options.

It cache's more than updates. I can see it caching music, video and even iCloud data like my photos or iCloud drive content. For example I can set up a new Mac and have it sync the photos library from iCloud and see it all being served from cache. Pretty cool!

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