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Hi HN,

I just finished a major refactor of a tool I made (and shared here) some time ago!

Feel free to give it a try: https://www.rebalancecalc.com/

## What this is:

This tool helps you align investments (across multiple accounts) to a target asset allocation. The tool takes U.S. taxes into consideration, and automatically suggests the types of trades you'd make to stay in line with your target asset allocation.

The "about" button on the website provides a good summary, and the "how it works" button outlines the exact procedure this tool uses.

## Why I'm sharing this:

With tax season nearing (a good time to think about re-balancing your long-term investments), and this new UI finally in a state I'm comfortable sharing, I felt it would be worthwhile to share this project again.

Any feedback is very appreciated!

## Important consideration:

This tool is definitely best used on a computer, the UI can get quite overwhelming on mobile (though it does work on mobile).

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