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I'm using Postgraphile in production on 2 real-world projects and it saves me an incredible amount of time. I spend 90%+ of my time on the front-end because the api is all automated.

Postgrahile allows you to rename/disable api endpoints if needed.

Postgraphile rocks. And it's written in modualar Javascript, so I can hack it if I need to. Unlike Hasura.

Im saying it does something that is a bad idea in the first place. You are saying "yea, but it does it with so little effort".

No I'm not agreeing with you at all.

It's a great idea, and my clients and bank account agree with me.

This is frustrating.

There are lots of ways to do software. Some are widely considered by experts to be good, some are not so good.

Then there is a thing called business. You can certainly sell software that is built using bad practices, and honestly nobody will probably complain so long as it works. It might not be quite as maintainable, it might require more effort to add features, and it might be necessary to completely rewrite that software in 5 years when other parts of the system change.

Terrible software is bought all the time, and that's not even really a problem.

Even though you sold it and your customers are happy, there still are things you can probably learn, right?

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