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Ugh. I've been using Linux since the .9 kernels/SLS distro days (1995 or so), and I've been producing albums for 13-14 years and recording longer than that, and I wouldn't even consider doing real music production in Linux. It is absolutely not worth the bullshit and the spoons. I want to be recording music, not putzing around with device drivers or scrounging for plugins that don't completely suck.

I mostly use Reaper on a Mac, and pay a monthly subscription for Plugin Alliance plugins. It's well worth the money, because it works, sounds great, and is straightforward to use. Given a choice between spending two hours improving the eq/compression/reverb of a mix and two hours trying to figure out why no sound is coming out, I know which one I prefer.

Yes, Reaper is great. I played around with various options and Reaper is the winner for me. I found a 8 channel Firewire Presonus interface in a cabinet at work and that still works great with Reaper.

It's closed-source, but Bitwig Studio[1] is probably the best DAW that supports Linux natively since its initial release in 2014. At least for electronic music production, it's considered on a par with Ableton Live.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bitwig_Studio

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