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Selling a Charismatic Technology (lareviewofbooks.org)
2 points by kaboro 14 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 1 comment

Great article. And great new descriptive term.

Finland is a good example of applying Charismatic Technology selling it directly to politicians, completely past teachers or academic research on educations.

Less than decade ago, Finnish schools were at the top of the Pisa rankings. People came all over the world to learn what Finnish school system was doing right. Then some professional PR people jumped in and started to sell technological solutions directly to high level government officials and politicians. The umbrella term was "digitalizaton". Just give students laptops and digital content and they magically learn by themselves and become self directed and motivated.

Finnish Pisa scores are now dropping fast. Finland is not even in top 10 in math anymore. It turns out that learning is still largely controlled process. Wast majority of student's don't stay self motivated for long periods. They just don't like math that much no matter how you present it.

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