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Show HN: Tigress 3.1 – Obfuscator for C/Webassembly
3 points by tigress 3 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | discuss
Tigress is a highly diversifying obfuscator for the C language that supports many defenses against reverse engineering attacks. It is available for download from https://tigress.wtf

New in 3.1 is support for Webassembly - it is now possible to run highly protected C code in the browser. New is also a transformation that adds self-modifying code.

Tigress provides a large collection of obfuscating code transformations, including virtualization, dynamic obfuscation, and control flow flattening. It also provides transformations designed to thwart particular static and dynamic analyses, such as alias analysis, dynamic taint analysis, and branch analysis. All transformations are randomized and can be freely combined to transform a single program into a large collection of diverse variants of arbitrary complexity.

Tigress have been used to generate reverse engineering challenges for students in security classes, in academic research, and in industrial settings to protect production code.

For examples of Tigress obfuscation scripts and generated code, see: https://tigress.wtf/recipes.html

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