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Doesn't everyone just use reviewmeta (https://reviewmeta.com/) now? They're pretty solid at what they do, the results appear to be rather accurate - and at the very least it's a decent filter.

I use Fakespot.

I think it's only a matter of time before these sites get coopted/bribed by vendors, in the same way a lot of adblockers have been.

I use it too. It's almost always the no-brand import products that add fake reviews/solicit phony glowing reviews. Most big brands have too much to lose to add fake reviews because it would be PR-damaging news.

Even so, you have to consider real reviews to be only partially-reliable because a lot of people use their products incorrectly and give excessively glowing (or negative) reviews while ignoring reality because they may feel socially-obligated to not say something negative. And then there are hundreds of millions of specialized SKUs without any reviews at all.

Hi, Saoud from Fakespot here. My co-founders and I all got scammed and duped by fake reviews and Fakespot was built to bring back trust and transparency to the e-commerce experience (and others).

We have a strict policy to remain neutral in our analyses and we do not in any way, shape or form accept bribes or copt partnerships.

Thanks for explaining the background, Sauod.

But don't you need to say that? What policies or strategies are you using to prevent this from happening beyond the shared experience of being burned and avoiding a deep sense of shame if one were to abuse their position?

We have been bootstrapped and funded by institutional investors that allows us to function freely from being in the "unnamed but big review website starting with Y" business model. Ethically speaking, I personally would never support that as it goes against our mission as a company and what we are aiming to build here.

We actually get consistent DDoS attacks which are coming from angry e-Commerce sellers that have dismal grades on Fakespot, and that is occurring ever more frequently.

I'd never heard of reviewmeta until I read your comment. I'll check it out. Thanks!

The review situation is bad enough on Amazon now that I won't buy any medium to high value product without using ReviewMeta. I find their service to be invaluable. Reading reviews and using ReviewMeta still isn't enough, but it's reasonable and much better than not using them.

Do any of these sites have an extension that can rank individual reviews for trust-worthiness based on the content + other reviews by that user?

It's always a bit of a schlep to have to remember to use another website to check review credibility.

Early adopters use such sites. A significant portion of Amazon users may not even be aware there's a problem with fake reviews.

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