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So I wanted to link my 23 year old website, but precisely because it's still updated, it looks like this: https://www.stavros.io/

It's gone through many renames and redesigns, but, in true Japanese style, it's still the same website. I do have an old snapshot, though: https://anonymoussoftware.stavros.io/

>> Greek. Amateur F1 driver. Technology enthusiast. Single parent. Liar.

thats quite a conversation starter...

Yes, everyone always has lots of fun trying to spot the lies.

Hint: "Liar" is the lie.

Long time listener, first time caller: You're into auto racing?! Link some stuff?

No, it's a joke! Because it says "liar" afterwards. And the previous post was also a joke, ie that I was lying about being a liar, which is a paradox.

I am a below average driver, alas. I am Greek, though, and some would say that's more exciting!

Oii, what the fuck, hahahaha....

From what I've heard, you might as well smash your side mirrors off at the dealer when you buy a car, aha...so, yeah, checks out.

(In Greece, to be clear)

That is a vile and noxious rumor. My mirrors have never been touched in the twenty years I've been driving.

Good to know! Will scratch that from my list of stereotypes, haha - be well, man.

You too! It's interesting, though, my friend who now lives in the US always remarks on how, in the US, you can just drive mindlessly on autopilot, whereas here you need to be paying 100% attention at all times due to people always swerving in and out of stuff.

I hate driving here.

Similarly, I feel a continuity in how old my website is, but in Ship of Theseus fashion lots of little parts changed over the years (and pieces were lost to storms, etc). I was really excited at one point to find an old time capsule of a snapshot from a particular redesign I recall being fond of around 1999: http://worldmaker.net/wmo99/

Amusing to myself and contributing to overall Ship of Theseus analogy, the current design is a responsive, flexbox-based recreation of sorts of the original goals for that 1999 site. I'd like to think the 1999 version of myself would very much appreciate it (especially after all the work in making corner GIFs versus the magic of CSS border-radius, and fighting TABLEs for layous).

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