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I am on a similar boat.

While I was never an Apple fan, I started to respect their products after my android-linux-hacking phase (Couldn't find better words for that period of my life).

Up to the point of considering getting an iPhone since I don't fool around with my android phone anymore, but what I wanted the most was to have a MacBook.

They've always looked so sleek and overall good looking, including the nice looking OS which seemed to have a functional GUI over a Unix core. And then I got one.

Last year my current job assigned me one to contribute to our mobile codebase. It's a MBP 2019, 15 inch.

From a hardware perspective: + Excellent screen

+ Good looking design

+ Nice speakers

+ Touchpad is nice

- The touchbar exists

- Low key travel (bad keyboard experience overall)

- Lack of non type-c ports (dongle land)

As for the software, my first MacOS experience was Catalina and the only issues I've had I'm not sure if I should blame Catalina or the software per se.

I use Emacs for my text editing needs (and more) and it has been nothing but pain (Some outright freezes, buffers have chopped display sometimes).

Docker experience is just bad. Since It's not natively implemented it has to run up its own vm to work and having any small container running will turn up the overall heat on the machine which, thanks to the bad keyboard, I can feel at my fingertips.

Homebrew is painfully slow.

The GUI is fine, but with the recent advancements on the other DEs (specially KDE) I really don't see any advantages.

Overall if Linux had better support on Apple hardware, I'd have a partition with it and only boot on OS X for mobile dev.

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