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Show HN: Unbounded – The serverless NoSQL database you query with JavaScript (unbounded.cloud)
1 point by metanautics 6 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

Hi, I'm Will, the creator of Unbounded. I co-founded the security company Cambia, later acquired by Tripwire, Inc.

Unbounded is a schemaless, serverless, NoSQL cloud database you query with Javascript. If you can code it, it's a valid query.

Store any JSON data with no limitations on primary key names, property names or embedded objects. Map, reduce, and receive query results to your webhooks.

Free starter tier, only pay for what you use.

The first medium post on Unbounded is also live:


Unbounded was conceived as an elegant solution to the problems introduced by managing massive contact lists for an enterprise CRM platform, while being carefully designed to reduce developer friction.

For example, one reason we use Javascript as a query language is because it's likely a language you're already familiar with, instead of forcing you to learn yet another quirky dialect of SQL.

Unbounded is more than a database, it’s a turnkey way to create a data transformation pipeline that can scale, without setting up servers, lambda functions, message queues, task processors, “Glue,” etc.

You send us Javascript, and we'll execute it against your data in parallel, writing the results back to disk or sending them to you via S3 or webhooks, while queuing and retrying any failures. At the same time, you can still execute queries directly to pull out records like you would in a DBMS.

I'll be here to answer questions all day long!

I am confused. The JavaScript, does it run on the frontend, like firebase? or I send it to the backend? If I send the script to the backend, how to debug? How to do entitlement? For example, I only want user A to access its own data.

Queries run on the backend in isolated VMs. To separate data for different users, you could use the saved query feature to isolate portions of data from each other, or alternatively create a separate database for each user. Providing comprehensive debugging facilities is an interesting idea...perhaps some kind of local testing sandbox would be useful there? What do you think?

I want breakpoints, being able to check variable's value and logging. It would be better if the environment requires zero setup.

One of the advantages of javascript versus a proprietary language is we can take advantage of the excellent tooling built-in to the existing js ecosystem. On the occasions where I had to write T-SQL stored procedures for example, I hated being locked in to a specific IDE for syntax highlighting and debugging. Moving forward I'd like to provide easy templates, perhaps through NPM or the like, for setting up Unbounded projects. Thanks for the feedback.

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