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I think one of the points he is making is not that it's just dark orange, it's that we have a label for dark orange, but not a label for dark other colors on the same level of use as brown.

We call dark orange brown. Sure dark red could be called burgundy but it's not a word used as much as brown. So we use the word brown as much as the words 'dark red'.

Eh, I could argue that "purple" is just dark magenta, or "teal" is just dark cyan.

And the difference between "pink" and "brick red" is that both are just desaturated reds at different levels of lightness.

He kept tslking about context etc so I was hoping there was more to it than brown just being dark orange. That’s about as exciting as pink being bright red.

The context is basically the need for something bright to create the context required for the dark orange to be brown -- because otherwise it isnt dark.

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