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I'm a professional developer and amateur musician. Honestly, I believe this is a case where the "Apple tax" is well worth it. You can get far with GarageBand and where that falls short you can use Logic Pro, which for $200 is still a far sight cheaper than the other commercial DAWs. Interested in hearing other people's experiences.

Logic Pro's built in plugins are also top-notch. You'd be hard pressed to find comparable in the commercial space piecemeal for $200.

I feel like the audience this article was written for would do well to try out Reaper. It's a FOSS DAW that has almost every feature you wpuld ever need, but also has a steep learning curve.

Reaper is neither free nor open source. Cockos (the company behind Reaper) has several open source libraries used within Reaper, but Reaper is proprietary software that costs $60 for a personal license. The developers don't believe in wasting time on anti-piracy checks, so it's very easy to use Reaper without paying. Kind of like Sublime Text.

Reaper is a great DAW, and I would recommend it to everyone. Whether a beginner looking for their first DAW, or a pro with a million dollar studio. Just pointing out it's not free/foss because that's something I've seen people claim about Reaper for over a decade.

Thanks for the feedback on Reaper

It's the WinRAR license

I don’t think reaper is open source. It is, however, pretty good, and cheap.

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