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Show HN: Wasp – a DSL for building full-stack web apps (wasp-lang.dev)
19 points by matijash 3 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

I have been waiting exactly for something like this. I suggest that you open source it and spend time building a ecosystem and develop a business to build custom requirements from enterprises. But open source the core product so that a ecosystem can build around it. On the other hand if you want to commercialize it completely then please don't license it on a per project basis but have a one time fee. Your target customers will be tinkerers and developers who has to build fast and fail fast. Dont restrict them on a per project license method. Thanks!

Thank you very much for your feedback! That makes a lot of sense and is our current plan, making Wasp open-source and build the community around it. Could you tell us a bit more about how do you imagine the ecosystem could develop, what are you the most excited about? That would be helpful since we are also now trying to understand what should we focus on first. Thanks!

Hi all, author of Wasp here!

My brother and I have spent about a year working on Wasp as a side project, and have just finalized a prototype that is not fully featured but should give a good idea of what it is all about.

Since there is still a lot of work to be done to make Wasp usable in the real world, we hoped to get some feedback, good or bad, to guide our future efforts! So please let us know, do you think it makes sense, what would you like to see in it, how do you see it progressing.

Thanks a lot!

What is Wasp implemented in? It has the feel of a Racket project for some reason and I'm curious if my intuition is right. But either way, curious to know how this was made.

Pretty cool

Hey, thanks for nice words! Close, it is functional but not Racket :) -> we are implementing Wasp in Haskell.

I read about Racket, and I know it is Scheme based and especially tailored for developing languages. We picked Haskell because we have previous experience in it, want to learn it better and thought it would be a good fit for writing a compiler. On the other hand, since Racket claims it is especially good for languages, I have to admit I wonder if it would be a good choice - but I just know so little bit about Racket that I can't judge.

Would love to hear what you think since you probably know more about Racket than us!

TLDR: Looks cool, are other databases on the roadmap?

Looks neat, I’d be quite interested in trying it, especial since I’ve got libraries of react components available to use to make up for current limitations, but other databases are a mandatory feature for me. With things like severless aurora on AWS giving me a DB with next to zero hassle from $1, I’m not interested in mucking with MongoDB.

I use MongoDB for my day job, I know what I’m doing, and nothing about it makes me want to run it for my own personal learning/prototyping, MongoDB just has too steep of a step function from “toy” to “production ready” for me. It’s become a decent enough Database with recent releases but it’s still just more work to run it for my own “non-work” use than I want to do in order to try anything.

I think the only thing I’ve tolerated it for in my home lab is GrayLog2, and that wasn’t so bad since they shipped an appliance with it all done for me.

Hey, thanks for nice words, and yes, although we are still very early and it might take some time to get there, that is certainly the plan! We plan to offer different stacks, which means different FE, BE and DB, but I think we will start with DB because that is important to people.

Btw, idea right now is that you don't have to do much (or any hopefully) setting up of DB and instead we do it for you with some decent defaults, but we have to see yet how will that work out in practice.

Thanks again, and if you would like to try out once it is ready, consider watching the repo or leaving email on webpage.

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