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They mean USD $25,000 and not $25.

Knowing GoDaddy, $25 is closer to what they'd offer the domain owner for it. $25k would be the re-sale price.

Much of the world uses . for a number separator.


I sorta knew that. But it still feels weird for dollar amounts. As 25.000 looks a lot like 25.00 ($25 dollars, 0 cents).

From that document:> and some countries separate thousands groups with a thin space

Thin space (U+2009) is also how you are supposed to do it when using the SI unit system, according to the SI spec. For the decimal separator, the SI standard is to use which of '.' or ',' is customary.

However they should use the non-breakable space separator ' ' less error-prone

Doesn't make it smart.

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