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My personal/hobby business web site (https://www.rlvision.com) is based on code 22 years ago. It's built with tables, because that's how you did things back then. The age shows. But I haven't found reason to rebuild it yet. Simply put, it works. It may not be mobile friendly, but the goal is to make available my Windows software, so my aim is desktop users.

It's funny to me that one reason why people said to stop using tables was because of file size. Now we have everyone download almost a megabyte (or more) of javascript to render a few kb of html.

I don't recall page size being a reason. I recall TABLE layouts being a lot smaller than most of their alternatives at the time (FRAMESETs in particular come to mind, because we knew HTTP connection overhead was a thing even back then and needing separate files for each individual website "part" felt like a huge bandwidth waste back then).

The big problem was always Accessibility-related semantics. Websites laid out in TABLEs were often quite confusing to screen readers, as TABLE has a lot of supposedly important semantics in how it should be read/engaged with and using a TABLE for layout follows none of them. (What does a table header mean in a layout? Most layouts wouldn't have good headers. How do you describe what a table column is supposed to be for without a column header?) It's a shame that narrative was never clear enough that Accessibility was always the big reason TABLEs were considered a Bad Idea for layout.

(Speaking of downloading a megabyte of data, I recall how long I felt that a 1.44 MB floppy was the best restriction for the size of an entire website. If it was bigger than a floppy you were probably doing something wrong. I stopped counting floppies a long time ago; that person might be ashamed at how many floppies a typical website downloads these days.)

This website looks extremely familiar. I think I visited it about 15 years ago and I am not completely sure but didn't you have a nice drawing and photo editing software there? I can't remember the name of it but it was the best ever, until it was disappointingly discontinued because of lack of buying customers :(

Yes, ArtGem (https://rlvision.com/artgem_about.php). We were a couple of guys that tried at making shareware, but sadly failed. I continued running the site to host my own utilities, some of which eventually turned into shareware. I don't earn much money from it, but I enjoy making software and it makes me happy when other people find them useful as well!

So nice to hear from the developer of some software I very much liked and used as a kid. I especially liked the smudge feature. You definitely made me happy and I thank you for that.

Replace Genius looks great - I will be trying it out soon!

happy user of RLVision Artgem - thank you !

Holy, that was it - ArtGem! Perfect middle ground between Photoshop and Paint. Great features, pleasant feel to use.

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