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"Can do" is not particularly useful. You "can" sit there and sequence thousands of sine waves in audacity to create any sound that you want... but nobody wants to do that.

Bitwig's grid is capable, but the ease of access for particular workflows is burdensome. Replicating Serum in the grid isn't possible practically, both because of filter designs and the wavetable capabilities, and getting close requires some significant acrobatics.

Massive... much easier. LFO Tool, basically impossible to replicate in Bitwig because the main draw is the _workflow_.

Bitwig is a very capable, fun and useful product for electronic music creation but I think your response to the OP is correct on a very technical, and pedantic level, but extremely unhelpful regardless.

Complaining about some missing functionality is also extremely unhelpful. Those of us who've been doing it for years know what the state of things is, and the developers of those closed source plugins know what their stance is. You ask them to do a Linux port and they say "no that would cost too much money and we can't support it". You ask them for source so you can port it yourself and they say "no you're going to steal it". You try to clean-room reverse engineer and write a clone of the plugin and they still get angry at you for "stealing". I don't bother anymore. People just have their workflow that they learned on plugins from 10 years ago, they aren't going to change unless something breaks horribly, and that's that. Those who are brave can still fiddle around with running VSTs in Wine.

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