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I love LMMS cause it's like FL Studio. I used to use FL Studio (pirated when I was a teenager) to make rap beats and even once a dubstep beat, though it crashed and I lost all my progress.... LMMS is awesome cause it's free so I can just experiment with it. I havent found the time to make some serious tracks though.

Also where do you get audio samples for LMMS? This is mostly my dilemma.

The best percussion I've ever had came from TAL-NoiseMaker. There's a Linux port.


LMMS also has its own percussion synth.


As for samples, Echo Sound Works sends out occasional freebie packs on their newsletter. Their samples are usually good.


Black Octopus Sound has a huge sampler pack that you can use in commercial stuff.


Also keep an eye out for SFX packs around GDC (Game Developers Conference). Sonniss publishes one every year. You can probably find the (legit, official) torrents for past years.

This is wonderful, thanks! I had no idea GDC gave out free assets!

The company gives out free assets around GDC as promo, but I don't think it's from GDC.

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