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My favorite like this site is http://www.burger.com - this dude has a hilarious array of hobbies and awesome beveled button links.

He is a member of the Cherokee Nation with interests ranging from model railroading to fireflies. And he puts it all out there on his personal webpage, updated regularly since 1996. There was a time when it was normal to stumble upon pages like this one.

Have to wonder how much that domain name is worth...?

Probably expensive, but I doubt it's actually worth anything. I reckon it's much harder to build a brand when you start with a generic word.

Burger.com would be the brand

I can see it work for a delivery service type thing. For a few years, a large platform here just used "pizza.de".

You're probably right, but Burger Records is a moderately successful independent record label.

They mean USD $25,000 and not $25.

Knowing GoDaddy, $25 is closer to what they'd offer the domain owner for it. $25k would be the re-sale price.

Much of the world uses . for a number separator.


I sorta knew that. But it still feels weird for dollar amounts. As 25.000 looks a lot like 25.00 ($25 dollars, 0 cents).

From that document:> and some countries separate thousands groups with a thin space

Thin space (U+2009) is also how you are supposed to do it when using the SI unit system, according to the SI spec. For the decimal separator, the SI standard is to use which of '.' or ',' is customary.

However they should use the non-breakable space separator ' ' less error-prone

Doesn't make it smart.

"Webmaster" - I miss that term..

Ah, the time when you could actually "master" all the web technologies to keep a website up and running...

There's no reason why you can't slap some CSS (flexbox, cssgrid!) with some ES6 JavaScript linked on an index.html on a Netlify server...

Loads super fast.

You still can. We sure make things more complicated than they have to be sometimes.

I went from a page that said:

> My charge for typical business or civil work is $450.00 per hour.

To one that said:

> I am a relative newcomer to the world of turtles.

...in two clicks. I love this site.

Also learned a recipe for a quick and easy blackberry cobbler[0].

[0]: http://www.burger.com/bcobbler.htm

To this day I still visit www.scaruffi.com to read his opinions about music - the layout hasn’t changed since the 90s or even the 80s for some pages.

> or even the 80s

Probably not ;)

> Initial release 1993; 27 years ago


24 years of weekly quotes is actually really impressive.

And everything loads just about instantly haha

Ah papyrus oh how I missed you from high school.

that is the best last name in the history of the internet

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