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But there are light browns that are not orange, e.g. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khaki

It is because brown really isn't just dark orange. There are oranges that are both dark and not brown - these usually are on the redder side of orange, like dark orange clouds in the sky at sunset.

Brown is, in general, a muted orange. Take the red and yellow, add a hint of green (or purple, honestly) - and you have browns.

Khaki (this one specifically: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khaki#Khaki) is like a desaturated orange. If you go in to the devtools and mess with the colour's HSL you can see how much more orange it looks just when increasing the saturation, and just how more brown it looks when lowering the darkness.

We've affixed a lot of specific names to colours around orange and brown, but they're basically variations of saturation and lightness on a certain range of hues (between yellow and red). The distinction between brown and orange is mostly subjective.

Which is what I like about this video. It gives a good sense of how much of the difference between two 'colours' is just naming and perception of a hue.

Technically, it's not supposed to be orange but a light orange. I think the less green-heavy hues of khaki are definitely light oranges.

Playing with some of the colors in Photoshop, I used an eyedropper to sample the khaki color. I get 169, 161, 150, RGB or 23,24,150 HSL. After playing around a bit, it seems that khaki is "dark orange", with equal amounts of RGB added to make it lighter. Or, "orange" desaturated and lightened.

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