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The CED saga reminds me of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, as in a "trilogy in five parts". Nevertheless, I love this guy and really enjoyed listening to the story of the CED.

CEDs were great. We had two generations of those players growing up. The best part was that you eventually got to know exactly where the cut points were in movies. Because that was when you had to go up to the TV to flip the disc.

I’ll have to listen to his story on them. Probably a very different view from me as a kid just using them to watch movies pre-VCR.

There are a lot of HN appropriate lessons in his CED series. Especially the one about being on time to market: if the CED hit the market before the VCR or laserdisc did, it might have survived, or even possibly kept RCA alive. Or the stuff about using tried and true methods instead of the fancy new tech of the day.

My parents recently moved into a smaller home, and ... deacquired a bunch of their furniture by way of my house. In the shuffle I ended up with a bunch of my parents' old records. Being susceptible to impulse buys, I bought a record player. I actually really enjoy the experience of playing records. There's something about the physicality of it. I can't just press a button on my phone and ignore it. I have to choose what to listen to next. I have to physically flip the record twenty minutes in. It's not purely a background thing, it's a physical process and experience. Music has gone from something I ignore to something I participate in.

I'm not actually sure that's in any way relevant to the conversation at hand, but when I started ranting, I felt it was.

Focus is a commodity. Sometimes, people just need rituals. I think, people are slowly starting to realise this.

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