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Remembering all the time I wasted collecting and curating a personal MP3 library (now replaced completely by Spotify), I wonder what current practices I spend a lot of time on that will be become obsolete.

I used to religiously upload all my listens to Last.fm, and play all my music through apps that had Last.fm sync capability. I have detailed listening data (down to the day) available for 2005-2015, roughly ~100k listens in all.

Unfortunately, Last.fm as a social network was completely dead, either by user abandonment or by bot infestation. After a couple of years of dead message boards and comments sections, it didn't make sense to keep the scrobbling going.

I still have my old MP3s despite only really using Spotify these days. I don't regret the time spent building and curating that collection in the slightest. If anything, I expect Spotify itself to be the thing that becomes obsolete, leaving me to regret that last several years in which I haven't kept up with adding new music to the collection that I actually own.

> If anything, I expect Spotify itself to be the thing that becomes obsolete

Almost certainly but there will be an alternative company with some migration path for your playlists. Unless omnipresent network connectivity stops being a thing, in which case there would be bigger problems than music.

It's already a problem on Spotify that my playlists rot over time with seemingly random songs being no longer available. Playlists are much less important than the music itself.

Oh god, I still have my well organized folder of MP3's going back to the 90's. I never use it, but I can't let it go either.

I have folders for each year of the '90s and 2000s. This is a personal collection that includes not just what I liked on MTV/radio at the time, but also numerous older tracks that I discovered during those years.

To me, that gives my collection much greater personal and sentimental value than a Spotify retrospective playlist that doesn't align as well with my memories of those days.

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