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FastoTV first native crossplatform open source IPTV player (github.com)
13 points by fastocloud 14 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

I don't really understand why this is being voted up.

There's zero documentation on what formats this supports, how to use it in another project etc.

It feels a little like a voting ring here to be honest.

I've noticed when registering that it seems to try to verify my email address by sending itself an email from my account... is this a common practice?

---- We have recorded an attempt to send an email from your alias xxxxx@simplelogin.fr using <>.

Please note that sending from this alias only works from xxxx@icloud.com.

Indeed, only you (or the mailbox that owns xxxx@simplelogin.fr) can send emails on behalf of this alias.

SimpleLogin team here, this is actually another error due to the bounce email (note the <>). Do you remember where you created this alias? Would be great if you can send us details to hi@simplelogin.io or open up an issue on Github. Thanks!

I’ll take care of it tomorrow morning. What do you mean by “where” though... I have two aliases setup, one I’ve defined myself and another randomly generated. I’ve provided them the first.

Set it up using laptop and iphone...added VOD Spiderman, tried to play it, and it just sits here loading and never playing.

Crossplatform but no support for PC or Mac?

Please read README file

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