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Haha. 10 minutes further into my Delphi-in-2020-exploration (60% of which was the time that the installer actually took), this was the sequence of events:

* Hit the installer and switched windows, to let the installer work in the background.

* Installer mysteriously gone.

* Tried to run the programme, and it took some digging to understand that the product seems to be in a half-installed state.

* Re-run the installer. This time, keeping the installer in the foreground. Now it works.

* Started Delphi.

* Dropped a button in the form designer to start playing around.

* Oh gosh. Form designer still using pixel-based layouts.

* Deleted the button.

* Doing some Googling to figure out how to do layout managers, and found an interesting youtube tutorial on something called TGridLayout.

* Dropped a TGridLayout on my form.

* Form Designer now caught in an infinite loop bringing up an Error modal that says "Control TButton($17EE2200) has no parent window. Path: ~TButton($17EE2200)".

Thanks Delphi! See you again, another 10 years from now.

...feels like a relationship with an old friend who you've lost touch with when he became an alcoholic, but every now and again you feel bad for him and think you owe him a meeting.

Sorry to hear it crashed. And no idea re the installer. Just out of interest, did you file a bug report? Because I've been using the grid layout recently and have not seen an error.

> Oh gosh. Form designer still using pixel-based layouts.

If you build a desktop app, you'll get pixel-based layouts, because that's how Windows works. It is fully high DPI enabled and scalable, so it's not accurate really to call the units pixels. Call them design units or similar.

As you noted there are various layout tools, from containers with various flow behaviours, through to anchors and padding.

We use Delphi for some of our older applications (everything new is migrating to either C++17 or Go). I remember upgrading the IDE (forget which version, but it was about 3 years ago) and after loading my project, I hit F1 to bring up the help menu. The whole IDE crashed... Between little surprises like that and the insane licensing price, I'm glad we're moving off of it. I don't have any objections to the language itself, but the tooling just isn't where it needs to be.

I’m working on yazz Pilot which is supposed to be a modern take on Delphi or Visual Basic. I will take your comment to heart and make sure we implement proper layouts and positioning for the web

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