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> will prevent you from installing the licensed software that you purchased

Could you elaborate on that? I'm actually interested in procuring Delphi commercially after getting to know the free Community edition recently and I'd like to avoid any licensing pitfalls if possible. I can't really imagine how they would stop you from installing a properly licensed and purchased software but if they do, I'd be curious to know how to avoid running into that situation. Thanks.

You have a max. number of times you can install and after that you can only get it re-activated by buying a new version..

This was a hot topic at their forums. Sorry, can't locate that now, but here is a post of somebody who bumped into this:


It's pretty customer hostile if you ask me.

The fuck ?!?

Firstly: I liked Delphi a lot; learned it a long time ago.

Straight risk avoidance advice:- You need to install the Delphi software on a completely dedicated system that you never plan to reset; and image back it up; and hopefully that will work. And install the software on a Virtual Machine and back that up. And/Or always renew the subscription if the new features make any sense to you or not. Do these things and you will be Ok.

My experience was:

I am programming as a hobby; even so - I don't like to commit a huge amount of my personal evening and weekend time to software with a toy license that restricts what I can do with it.

In 2017; Delphi started to look good again; I got the starter edition; really liked it; found it useful; thought why not support the developers; and upgraded to the commercial version at 10.1; also purchased a number of really nice plugins; (used Delphi in my spare time project for a year or so); very happy with the results.

Stopped using it for a while; because my project was finished. I also messed around with Delphi on a couple of my systems while playing with mobile apps and Macs; found it much less useful there.

My main focus is windows desktop not mobile; I was playing around with new pre-release versions of Windows; I had to reset those systems when they got out of hand.

I ended up unable to reinstall 10.2 (my third party components need that.) So I contacted support; and was knocked back; with a cold email.

I guess the licensing methodology may be legal (not a lawyer); but it does not seem fair or reasonable to me.

I have written a lot of Delphi in projects I can not rebuild; I own several third party components that are now useless to me. The current version is I think 10.3; I was subscribed up until 10.2.

Other feedback

I think Delphi is good for Windows desktop programming; especially for GUIs that connect to data bases; nothing like as exceptional for Mac or Mobile. With respect to those databases you used to need the Enterprise version to use MySQL etc; as the lower license agreement did forbid the use of database services; only allowing local data.

I ended up spending many enjoyable hours learning or re-remembering how the database connections worked in Delphi; and figuring out how my third party components all worked; then enjoyed gluing them all together in my programs.

Where I am now: I could purchase the latest Delphi and update all my components; for no real benefit to my project; or I can learn to like .NET core and get translating. The third party components I used; are also available for .NET; and there are thousands of open source packages for .NET as well. Not so sure about the GUI.

How do they stop you?:

To be completely clear; because that company likes to be fuzzy about it; I have a valid license; serial number; invoice; and online account (which I really need to delete); I am blocked because I re-installed the software too many times. Where too many; was not very many; and was not even concurrent.

All the best with your project.

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