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No offense, but that'd be like if you stopped eating your favourite vegetables because you once met an offensive vegan :-)

Why would you move your ENTIRE company to a different language/development system because someone was rude at a conference?

FWIW I felt out of place at conferences before, many are just an exercise in peacocking and showing off (and still, I have learnt some interesting things from some incredibly irritating people in my time). But I would never change something that I like and that works for me because other people that just so happen to use it too, are rude.

I've met arrogant and frankly insulting people at both Linux and Microsoft events, for example (Linux famously has people who can be wonderfully insulting on mailing lists and dare I say often deservedly so) but it would never occur to me to switch my entire company to, say, Windows Server, because Linus (heaven forbid) said something rude to me :-)

I can't even actually rule out that I might have behaved in a way that might have been interpreted as rude at conferences myself, especially after several days of travel, talks and general exhaustion. So I'd actually be curious to hear how you felt you were insulted or bullied or made a joke of so that I might keep an eye out for such behaviour myself.

FWIW, you may find that Borland is no longer around or involved with Delphi (and hasn't been for a decade now, I think), so the people might be different, too. I've certainly found Delphi worth a second look recently and hope the forums and communities of old have been or will be revived in some way.

> so the [company] might be different, too

I had an acquaintance who bought the most recent Delphi release (he’s a long term customer), but had some troubles so he installed the free community edition as a stop gap solution. They phoned him and bolloxed him and demanded he buy another copy, extremely rudely and extremely forcefully (almost as if the person calling had KPI’s for upsells).

Unless I had a burning reason to use Delphi, I would avoid it, since I don’t like dealing with stupid businesses if I can avoid it... Don’t burn your loyal customers...

In my experience the company treat individual customers with something akin to contempt.

OK I guess I did feel a bit butt hurt, but I was at that conference to genuinely get information about the latest features (MIDAS, ASP.NET integration, etc...) and my questions fell on deaf ears. It was being ignored and pranked upon combined with a general sense of directionlessness that turned me off of Delphi.

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