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I really enjoy this guys videos. The refreshing level of details. Great, geeky, humor.

I especially enjoyed his "rants" about the design of a old toaster, and traffic lights, of all things.

I loved his rant about space heaters. He showed a bunch of different products, all the same kind of heater, down to having identical 1500W output - but they were rated for small, medium, and large rooms, with proportional pricing. He went on to explain some basic thermodynamics (as opposed to marketing)...

The one on traffic lights is way more interesting than it sounds! Everybody should check it out. There's also a really interesting point he makes at the end that applies to something a lot of people on HN might relate with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GiYO1TObNz8

The toaster one is alright, it kinda bothered me when he said there was "literally NO reason" to design something the way it was (I think it had to do with the position of the coils) - obviously there is, it's probably just not a reason he'd like (cost, ease of manufacturing, etc). It makes me wonder if there was other info he skipped on because it "wasn't important" or "stupid". That's a pretty minor point though, overall his videos are very good.

He seems like a young technical Andy Rooney!

Technology Connections is criminally underrated. Their content is presented in an engaging way, always interesting, always fun.

Agreed. This is something my 12 year old son really enjoys watching as well. I like that he usually does a pretty good job of striking a balance between deep dive and conceptual high points. On school nights, he will sing "Technology connections" to the melody of Lucky Charms "Its magically delicious". Try to not do that the next time you see that channel...

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