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The advantages? The compile works on must every CPU and platform, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Gameboy Advanced, Amiga, and on and on.

Also it's open source, so when you are writing code you can actually navigate to the underlying sources and step into everything with the debugger if you want.

Finally, it comes with library support for so much more than Delphi, including Google APIs, FreeType, Cairo, Fuse, and so on.

Oh and it can also build to Java byte code and run in a Java JVM, also to Android.

Did I mention it's free and open source under active development?

"The compile works on must every CPU and platform"

Not just the compiler. If the board has enough juice one can run the entire IDE itself on it, therefore developing on the same iron. I've tried Lazarus on old H3 based NanoPIs and slowness aside (microSD, years old board, 1G RAM) it was perfectly usable to write, compile and run code on the same board. Not an ideal condition, still speaks a lot on why Open Source is great. I wish the IDE supported more languages and compilers though, and even a basic port of the LCL and debugger to them would be a huge achievement.

But does it have devexpress widgets? A pivot grid is a really nice thing to have.

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