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Delphi was great for developing custom solutions for middle class companies. Not end-user stuff, but no enterprise either. That kind of software vanishing coincides with that whole business sector getting smaller.

From a technical perspective, it was my favorite attempt to tame a often horrible mess of half-baked database design and ad-hoc solutions -- you can do spaghetti code in every language, but the Delphi apps I saw were usually a bit better than their FoxPro/Access/FileMaker/VB equivalents.

I don't see your point. Skype was done in Delphi, and it was pretty much end-user and very successful. There are many other apps: Skype, Nero Burning Rom, WinRAR, Partition Magic, Panda Titanium Antivirus, TuneUp Utilities, Aida64, BeyondCompare, Total Commander, CloneDVD, Ultra ISO, KMplayer, Gold Wave, Sound editor. And I am sure there are many others.

I meant that software for mid-sized companies isn't end-user programming, but not enterprise development either and that Delphi was pretty great for that. Often single developer, often embedded database.

Didn't want to imply that Delphi wasn't/wouldn't be great for the other ends of the spectrum, too.

Here are a few more: fl studio, convert x to dvd, homesite, spybot search and destroy, resource hacker, innosetup, and originally mysql workbench

Siege of Avalon was a pretty great RPG written in Delphi, now open-sourced[1] (no work done on it since ages). I remember liking that it was somewhat "mundane", i.e. upgrading your armor didn't mean that you start out with knightly full plate and it goes all out fantastic after that.

[1]: http://soaos.sourceforge.net/

I think TOAD was written in Delphi to

Wasn't FL Studio written in C++?

I wrote two MIDI sequencers in Delphi and a couple of audio editors.

A lot of audio software and VST plugins, in the early days, was done in Delphi.


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