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Winamp is great, ah the memories. But just like my gripe with video media, is there anywhere to buy plain mp3s for all artists, store them on my hdd and manage them in winamp? Is that still an option in 2020 without a subscription to something?

Of course. 7digital comes to mind, HDTracks - and, of course, Amazon. The files are all yours to keep.

In fact, I find it easier to get non-drm music files than movies.

I would also bandcamp to this list!

You can also download 320 Kbps MP3s of albums/tracks you buy on Google Play. I've done that a few times, because I don't trust the cloud.

Bandcamp. I can download the files I buy as a ZIP and simply import them into whatever player I'm using. On Android that's Phonograph, and on MacOS it's VOX audio player.

Depending on what you mean by "all artists", there's https://bandcamp.com/

You can still buy mp3s from Amazon's digital music store though they really try to get you to subscribe to Amazon Music instead.

iTunes store will give you plain AAC.

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