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I started my lifelong love of coding with Turbo Pascal.

At the time we coded on a Sperry Univac 1100 system at varsity and it took bloody ages to compile/debug/run programs.

When I got a loaner PC and a copy of Turbo Pascal it was so amazing and fast.

When I started in college in 1989 our school had an IBM mainframe with terminals where you would type in your Pascal code and submit a compile job and if there were bugs you would get a green bar paper printout that you had to go across campus to get. Through a friend I was able to get a official IBM file upload utility (he was in IBM’s summer sales rep program) and figured out that Turbo Pascal also compiles the (UCSD?) flavor of Pascal that the mainframe ran. While everyone else was doing the compile-print-walk loop (there were no terminals in the building with the big mainframe chain printer) I was interactively debugging my code in Turbo Pascal on my Tandy 1000 in my dorm room and then uploading it over dialup. It was awesome.

What kind of insane university has the terminals in a different building from the printers?

I'm going to guess that the staff didn't have to use those terminals, only the students did.

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