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For those missing Delphi, have you considered VS/C#/Winforms? I gonna tell you than its binaries as portable as Delphi/Kylix(e.g. major platforms covered).

The language is much less annoying (oh how i hated Type and Var sections in the times). The gui programming style can be similar or can be modernized. The designer and component library is vastly improved. Third party components are cheap compared to today's "cloud" prices. There are libs for everything. Its free. Can be compiled to native binaries(not sure this will leave 'experimental'). Feels like a direct replacement to me.

Yes, that is my daily driver nowadays, however .NET AOT experience still misses a bit compared with Delphi.

And Delphi is still around, no need to talk as if it was dead.

In Germany, it has a regular section on the .NET developers magazine and an yearly conference.

Does anyone do something non legacy in it?

Their pricing is a bit of a barrier to entry for new apps now.

Their pricing is quite competitive for companies that buy Oracle, SAP, DB2, Qt, SQL Server, MSDN Enterprise.... kind of licenses.

That was Borland's mistake with their Inprise change, to abandon grassroots developers and focus on this kind of companies.

This was last year's conference, https://entwickler-konferenz.de/program-en/

Anyone using this hardware, is running Delphi on their network.


Yes, that's my point. They don't have anything for the small guy any more.

Basically losing the entire market where devs are allowed to choose their platform, because they won't be aware of it.

I suppose wining and dining the executives puts food on the table too.

I actually did some scant research on this recently and found out that they have a free Delphi Community edition which seems almost identical to the Professional Edition, has full cross-plattform capability incl. iOS and Android, and you can even use it commercially until you made a profit of $5000 off of your apps (if I'm not mistaken).

That'll probably allow 99.99% of students and hobby programmers and a good chunk of small businesses to use it free forever without ever hitting this mark and seems to me like one of the fairest schemes to use expensive software out there. It's what we always wanted 15, 20 years ago.

Imagine Microsoft or SAP or whoever offered you to use their Windows Server Datacenter or ERP or even Office suite for free until you made a $5000 profit off of using their programs...

It's about ALL profit you make, not just the profit of your delphi apps. IOW, it excludes all small businesses.

And it's very well hidden. I checked their site a couple weeks ago and I didn't see it.

Besides it's funny. 5000 income - 3000 delphi license leaves... not much?

On the main embarcadero.com website, hover over 'Free Tools' and click 'Delphi Community Edition'.

You're right, it is not very visible by going to the normal Delphi page. Not sure why - I think our website folk want to push people to the trial not Community. But here's the link: https://www.embarcadero.com/products/delphi/starter

Sorry, after reading about the install limits I lost all interest.

What install limits? I don't really understand what you're talking about, I'm afraid.

Professional version is cheaper.

Like 1600 and you get 1 year of support. After that you pay the yearly subscription fee to stay on support (about 400 or so). If you skip a year, you are back to the "never have been a paying customer" status.

It is not cheap.

Not all bad though, I do like Delphi itself, but the customer hostile attitude of the company does leave a bad aftertaste and make me want to ditch it.

A lots of industrial/medical/lab instruments still use Delphi for user interface and some high level control. Delphi is still quite popular, but more and more niche, in Germany, Austria and countries with manufacturing/development ties to those countries.

What’s a good tutorial for getting started building a cross platform Linux/OSX/Windows app using this stack?

This coming from a python guy who is looking to build a native admin area for a web product.

This template project has a REST back end (sounds like you already have that) and demos connecting to it from native clients and from AngularJS. You don't have to do anything special to hit Windows/OSX/Linux with it. The one project will compile to all 3.


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