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Wow, 25 years. Wasn't onboard right from the start but something like Delphi 4 or 5 when I was in school. Ended that "career" with some cracked version of Delphi 7 Enterprise (obviously one needed the biggest version as a 16 year old!). I have good memories of Delphi, was my start into programming. Nice to see it's still around.

I've basically learned programming and database design in Delphi 7, using a couple of thick textbooks + Win32 API reference (.chm; no internet back then for us). The smoothest developer experience (build, GUI design, debug) I've ever had. Despite I had a rather mediocre PC at that time, it was snappier than anything modern, save for not-quite-IDEs like VS Code.

The experience was awesome! Just hit F9, if I remember correctly, and everything worked (sometimes). Export as a .exe and you were good to go.

Maybe I should get into it again, not sure. :-D

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