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If, like me, you only recently decided to start listening to your music collection on a linux desktop and were dismayed to find that xmms was split into some odd client/server model, you can still use the original xmms 1.x. I wrote up how I built it here, since I found it a bit fiddly: https://blog.mclemon.io/debian-building-the-original-xmms

Just a quick note that, unless there's a very specific reason why you want the original XMMS (nostalgia, or a specific plugin?), it may be more convenient to go with Audacious. It has a "Winamp" mode that gives you the same interface. It also supports classic skins, from back when UIs weren't all flat and boring, so that you can look at your desktop without yawning for more than ten seconds.

Building heirloom :-) GTK and glib isn't a big deal, but Audacious is packaged by pretty much all distros.

Good point - it's purely a nostalgia thing for me. I will definitely check out Audacious though!

You may be interested in Qmmp - a Qt-based winamp-style player. I use it every day, it's pretty great.


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