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Court says Melbourne dentist can seek user details from Google over bad review (theguardian.com)
10 points by vsurabhi 4 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

Google reviews are an insidious menace.

Google gives any bad actor the ability to leave bad reviews about your business with no recourse.

Silicon Valley at its most disgusting.

This alone is reason to dismantle google and strip its power.

Google destroys businesses and throws it hands in the air and declines to do anything to fix its foul business practices.

Google reviews is like those ghastly sites that allowed people to say things anonymously about other people. Those sites fortunately died. But hey google reviews are about businesses not people so that’s fair game to google.

What's the difference with other review platforms?

I feel like on Google you at least have the google identity of the reviewer which tend to represent a natural person better than other accounts on other review platforms.

It's even worse with schools. Most secondary schools I've clicked on over the years have had tonnes of 1-3 reviews from students complaining about getting a detention or other random nonsense.

If a business has a bad review, most of the time there’s probably a good reason. Even if Google was gone they could leave reviews on Yelp, etc.

Don't all review sites eventually fall into the Yelp-style blackmail business model?

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