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For pure mp3 playing, foobar2000 is like winamp except still getting updated, with less ugly (more OS-conforming) UI. For even more simplicity, there's no reason you should need a separate app for mp3s and movies, and mpc-hc is the best no-nonsense media player.

I think there is a reason to keep audio and video playback separate, because you approach them differently.

When you are watching video, it's usually where your attention goes, whereas listening to audio is something done "in the background", while your attention is elsewhere (reading, writing, playing a game, or even cleaning the house).

Therefore to me it is obvious that an audio playing application should behave like a good butler - readily available when you need to e.g. change the playlist, but invisible otherwise - and I would compare a video playing application to a live entertainer.

A video playing application should of course also get out of your way so you can focus on the actual video, but there is a subtle difference nevertheless.

The author of foobar2000 even made another music player that is much simpler, great for people like mrweasel, I think: https://perkele.cc/software/boom

In my opinion, it is the best audio player and available for almost any system. Can do things you would assume are basic features, but most players fail to implement. Like mirroring stereo sound through all you other speakers you might have.

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