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My only problem with Winamp 2 is that people laugh at me when they pass my computer and see it.

Yeah :-) Show them the keyboard shortcuts. Like the zxcvb set for the main 5 controls (prev track, play, pause, stop, next track), or pressing j (for jump) and then typing a part of the name of the song you remembered to play what you want at the speed of thought + typing. They'll understand that ~~it's really fast~~ it really whips the llama's ass!

Or you could globally remap them to the Quake-controls and do ctrl+shift+E to pause, next and previous with W and S, 5 sec forward/backward with A/D and on/off with Q.

Nothing like fragging your friends while playing loud music but able to skip a song if it doesn't fit the moment, all without even flipping active window. Never looked at another player because of this function.

Just had to adapt with ctrl+shift+B for next song since S was hard bound in some game.

I loved that if you held Shift while clicking Stop it would fade out the music.

I've had no better interaction with computers than the "jump to song" dialog in Winamp. It was always instantly responsive, worked when I wanted it, how I wanted it.

I totally forgot about those shortcuts!

Same. So I just open up task manager and show them that it uses only 3.4 MB. As opposed to Teams, Chrome, and all this other bloatware.

I’ve had nothing but positive, nostalgic comments for at least 5 years now.

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