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I remember there being a website (forgot the name/URL) where people could share their visualizations for Winamp. I downloaded so many presets from there and even recorded some to VHS because I thought they were so cool.

I made my own, too, mostly by taking something made by someone else and changing the code/numbers to see how it would react. I wish I could find those files again somewhere and just spend a moment immersing myself into that universe.

I spent many a late-90's afternoon watching the Geiss visualisations on my HTPC-driven TV whilst listening to my favourite music.

None of the other visualisations for WinAmp hypnotized me the way Geiss did.

Depends if you are thinking about AVS or Milkdrop.

Me, being an AVS guy, can only recommend https://visbot.net .

In the olden days there were: - https://customized.org and - https://deviantart.com/

DA is sadly almost unusable for finding AVS presets now (as I discovered today), so you may start with this page:

- https://www.deviantart.com/tobsiv/favourites/41261647/featur...

for finding some of the more famous packs.

AVS was what I had, I never used Milkdrop for some reason.

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