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California Auditor's Damning Report About Automated License Plate Readers (eff.org)
17 points by panarky 15 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

If a private citizen builds an ALPR, and installs it on their property, capturing license plates for vehicles breaking the law (in my scenario, violating sound ordnance) while passing the property, then that individual will not be allowed to provide the information to the police, or use that information to predict when the extremely loud motorcycle is going to pass by his house again? I understand the dystopian future they’re trying to avoid, but they should try living in my house, up against a busy street, where some inconsiderate fellow citizen thinks it’s their right to wake me up every morning at 4am.

Let’s say I tweet the lic plate number and measured decibels for each vehicle which exceeds the noise ordinance to the police twitter feed, that’s illegal?

I would like to know 3 things that license plate cameras can do that a police officer can't. From the perspective of a citizen who wants to live in a free and safe society, but also understands the importance of personal privacy. I'll start:

- Can locate the plate of a stolen car more rapidly than relying on human observers by reading and querying all plates

- Remember EVERY license plate - Take a photographic record of the car belonging to the license plate - Remember where and when it saw that license plate every time. - Inform every major law enforcement and intelligence agency of the car's whereabouts in real time. - Collate that data between LP cams scattered throughout the state.

- Can capture pictures of drivers' funny faces and send them a "Your year on the road" compilation each year.

- Can share and combine data from hundreds of local jurisdictions to track a vehicle comprehensively.

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