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Building an Analytics Dashboard with Django (morioh.com)
25 points by nasa8x 6 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 12 comments

This has nothing to do with Django. It's trying to sell a js library.

This guide has a lot to do with Django, but the article should be more appropriately titled something like “Building an analytics dashboard with Django and Morioh” to indicate the selling point.

Thank you for the suggestion.This is Flexmonster's library, not Morioh's

It's literally a start-to-finish guide on setting up django with the library.

I wouldn't say "nothing to do with"; it's entirely django commands and code in the blog post.

Exactly! Nothing to do with Django.

It is also worth it if the library saves us time and has a professional application. Time is money

These kind of blog posts are gold for our industry. DigitalOcean might pay you this was contributed to their wiki? I'm not sure if this is too specific.

You also might get a better response if it was tagged with Show HN.

I do not understand. Can you speak more clearly?

It would be appreciated to clearly disclose sending referral traffic to the JS library provider, and also earning "geekcash" for the article


    https://morioh.com/register?next=%2Fsubmit (see "GeekCash")

Agree, the link should be changed to: https://www.flexmonster.com/doc/integration-with-django/?r=f...

And put a ban on pages like morioh.net for HN

That is the reward for positive people sharing. Like Point on Reddit, Steem or HN. The world will lose its balance if the powerful have the big ego.

Django is used for: Static files, save hardcoded data i DB, serving JSON

Minimum features missing before I can test this on non-technical people: Editing data in Admin, adding tables in Admin, saving Dashboard config, login to dashboard (not just static file), loading CSV to DB, remove the hardcoded DB column names in HTML.

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