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Another from me: blacklist the recommended questions from other stackexchange sites! I always get distracted by some juicy story on workplace.se or interpersonal skills or academia or worldbuilding or politics. My monkey brain will read those questions and think about the answer, then I have to click and see what others say. But Stackoverflow remains productive if I block this box.

I wonder if, in the near future, we might not need blinkers¹ for internet, like we put on horses to keep them focused on the road, or conversely not distracted or scared by things around.

Basically ad/js blockers elevated to content selectors, somewhere halway between full functionality and reader mode of the core content of a page.

I see a literal tsunami of tiny projects like that on HN and various other places, and I suspect it's quickly gaining the characteristics of a product category — how much would you pay, or give away, to reclaim a distraction-free highly-focused web experience? Not sure about individuals (most mainstream users), but in businesses, offices, on the clock? That makes a stupid amount of sense. ("stupid" because, heh, it's seeking a solution for a problem we created in the first place, businesses deploring the consequences of things whose causes they cherish, should we say champion in modern lingo.)

[1]: not that kind! https://www.pictorem.com/collection/900_Pawel-Kuczynski_blin...

For those interested, I use these Ad-block (uBlock Origin) filters on Stackoverlow Network sites:

  ! Block the hot network questions for focus
  ! Get rid of the distracting "Blog" area
  superuser.com,stackoverflow.com,stackexchange.com###sidebar > div:has-text(Blog)
  ! This banner reappears for me
  ! Block the left sidebar that takes up space

StackOverflow even has a setting in your profile to block those. You have to be logged in, of course.

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