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Show HN: Literary Map – Post moments and follow your books around de world (literarymap.app)
3 points by alkimistX 4 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments

The map style looks great.

I am not sure I get the idea right. Is it to anchor the book fictive universe into the real world (If so a way to snip the relevant text/pages would be great because I'm not reading a whole book just for 10 lines about the location I'm interested about)? Or is it to share the location you were at while reading a particular book ?

The world tour doesn't seem to be complete yet.

Once created I couldn't reposition the marker for Atlantis City so you will have to relocate it more accurately.

You can do both, you can set the fictive universe or the location were your are reading it. At the end is your literary map of the world (you can see only your literary moments if you choose 'Mine' in the layer control).

Good suggestion about the relevant pages.

For the moment is not possible relocate literary moments already saved. You would have to deleted and create a new one. Thanks for the feedback.

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