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Show HN: A slackbot to anonymously report your coworkers’ bad behavior (nilats.io)
5 points by olegious 4 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 12 comments

So you want people to start having to worry about what other people think of their work habits? And you'll reward people for tattling on their peers by giving them internet points that can be traded for your marketing materials (swag).

This is wrong on so many levels.

Part of this is seeing if people understand jokes.

We thought about the companies where we hated working and the bad things about their cultures- our snitch/informant bot symbolizes the worst of it.

I spotted this as a joke, but it really does come very close to being a Poe.

I can see how people could miss it, as it wouldn't be shocking to see something like this put forth as a serious proposal.

I had my suspicions it was a joke. They were confirmed when I saw the swag store.

The final chuckle came when I realized that "Nilats" is "Stalin" spelled backwards.

The testimonials section is a complete fake. Just do a reverse search on the profile photo of the customer.

For sure he would be removing them as soon as he/she reads this comment. So I did the work and saved it in the web archive.


Thank you for pointing out that our clearly joke app with clearly fake testimonials are fake.

lol :)

I'd much rather see a bot to encourage employees to thank, show gratitude, and encourage team members. But good joke :)

Agree. Encouraging good things > Creating a surveillance culture.

We agree as well


lol at least it's a nice test to find out where not to work

stop snitching

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