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I think the cut content is pretty obvious. It's almost all the second half of the game. You spend something like 15 hours getting the first four magical macguffins in the game and then suddenly the last four arrive within 45 minutes. I remember the "dungeons" where you get the last two are just empty towers with a room or two and no enemies.

I don't know why I seem to be the only one who notices how the second half of the game is obviously missing.

I always took the odd pacing as a way to mix up pacing. Break the mold that every magical macguffin required a dungeon with guardian like in many other RPGs of the time. The weapon orbs seem to be mostly well spaced out. I remember the last magical spirit seemed to have been given way too late to really notice the missing magical spell that ended up mattering in the final fight.

I wonder how much of it is just bad memory since it has been like 15 years since I last played the second half of the game (I've replayed it a few times but always stop around the mushroom kingdom).

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